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Why do Indians go Abroad for Higher Studies?
Published in Reference and Education on May 29, 2020
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Is it better to study abroad for higher studies or to study in India? 

Students belonging to the middle class have started moving abroad in huge number. Everyone wishes to move to the next level in their life.

Is it so that there are no universities in India? The answer is no but the number of high profile colleges in India is limited. The chance of getting admission into these universities is very tough. The admission process is very tough and the other option is to get admission in low profile colleges.

Getting admission in abroad universities has become simple now a day. The entrance exam is also simple comparatively. Many scholarships and education loans are offered for talented students to support. With proper documents and good academic record, education loan is made much easier by many banks.

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Studying abroad is Competitive?

Competitive exams to study abroad for higher studies can be listed as GRE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. These exams are very simple when compared to the entrance exams of Indian institution. Each university follows different norms in its selection process.

After choosing a suitable university it is the responsibility of the student to research on their norms. UNIK provides you details on various university worldwide. This can help you get prepared for your journey.

Scholarships to Study Abroad:

Scholarships to Study Abroad for Higher Studies: The scholarship is the key to explore the opportunities abroad. Scholarships are offered by many private companies, philanthropists, and many educational institutions. Choosing the best scholarship and applying for them at the right time  we have highlighted some familiar scholarships:

  •         The Rhode  s scholarship program
  •         Huawei Maitree scholarship
  •         Fulbright Nehru research fellowship

Research opportunities in the USA and the UK rank high. There are various scholarships available for Indian students to take up the research work. After completion of research work, the students can continue as a faculty member in the same university.

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Global Exposure:

Students studying abroad gain exposure to foreign culture and gets adapted to their lifestyle.  Initial days may be tough but later a very good transformation can be witnessed. They learn to be independent and get a chance to meet students from other countries.

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Career Benefits for the students who study in Abroad:

Benefits are high for students who study abroad. A student with an MBA degree from Kellogg school of management is most preferred by employers.

High profile employers prefer students who have completed their degree abroad. A degree abroad will help you showcase your skills to the selection committee. Few countries like New Zealand also offer an extension for one year for a student visa. The students can utilize this opportunity to get a better job in that particular country.

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Quality of Education in Abroad:

quality of education in abroad for Higher Studies: A maximum number of students is moving abroad for educational purpose. It doesn’t mean poor quality of education in India. Institutions like IIT and IIM are providing excellent educational service.

Students from these institutions are always given a red carpet welcome for job opportunities. But these institutions are limited and only a few are getting admission every year.

The entrance exam is also tough when compared to that of an international institution. When students fail to get admission in these institutions, they move abroad to get the education of the same quality.

The standard of education institution abroad is well managed by educational regulatory bodies of that particular country. They also help students to get accustomed to the local environment to make their abroad experience a wonderful one.

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Variety of Courses:

Educational institutions abroad offer a variety of courses for each department. For example, people interested in dance, music, etc don’t have many options here in India. Whereas they have plenty of options abroad that takes them to the next level of their life.

The international institution also gives you the opportunity to take up various courses at different faculties simultaneously. An engineering student can also avail opportunities to take other courses like accounting, arts, etc. This increases the value of your profile in the job market.

Other advantages of studying Abroad:

Advantages are plenty but still, we have listed the important factors below:

  1. The habit of saving will be nurtured.
  2. Being independent is very important and abroad experience gives you this quality very quickly.
  3. Opportunity to mingle with people from different countries and culture.
  4. Getting out of the comfort zone to fulfill your daily needs.
  5. You will be shaped into a matured guy ready to face the world with 100% confidence.

Finally, abroad education makes a very good professional with a wonderful personality that paves the way for a better education.

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Bank Loans:

Before applying for a bank loan, the student should think about whether he can afford it or not.  Analyzing the family financial status is the first factor to be considered by the student before applying for a loan. Multiple banks are offering educational loans and the rate of interest differs accordingly. To be wise it is best to research on the banks that provide loan at the lowest interest rate.

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Quality of education in India and abroad institution has a huge difference. The difference can be well analyzed by comparing students, one from the Indian institution and other from abroad university.

If you are financially down to afford your education abroad, complete your graduation in India with very good score. Get a job and work for three to four years until you save ample amount to study abroad. Even you can get help from scholarships available offered by various institutions.

A degree from abroad university gives you the confidence to face the competition in the job market. Now it’s your choice to choose the best course and university abroad to pursue your studies. Studying abroad helps you to be unique in your society.

We, UNIK, will help you in each and every process involved to get both admission and scholarship in international universities worldwide.


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Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 006.

+(044) 4204 1414




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