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Natural Pest Control Solutions for Your Garden
Published in Business on Jun 27, 2019
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If you take pride in your garden in can be very frustrating when pests damage your plants since it makes you feel that you have worked hard for nothing. Most people react to these pests by purchasing chemical pesticides. Research has linked many of these pesticides with health issues such as birth defects, nerve damage, infertility and cancer.

Pesticides also cause harm to the environment and animals around us, and that includes our pets. That is why natural garden pest control is always the best option. Fortunately there are many natural garden pest controls that horticultural enthusiasts can try. However it also helps if you can accept the probability that there will be some damage since there really is no such thing as a perfect garden.

Soil And Plants

If your soil is fertile and your plants are healthy your garden will be able to flourish even if there are a few pests. You can keep your soil fertile by using compost and mulch. It is also a good idea to stick to plants that are indigenous to the area you live in. When plants are nurtured in their natural environment they tend to flourish. Bear in mind that certain plants also make natural garden pest controls. Basil, marigolds, lemon grass, sage, oregano, green bean, catnip and onion plants are just a few of the natural insect  controls that keep undesirable bugs at bay.

Garlic Fire Spray

Some gardening aficionados hold the opinion that garlic fire spray is the best natural garden pest control around. You can make this spray by combining garlic, chili peppers, vegetable oil, soap, water and kerosene. The spray is a little smelly but the odor evaporates quite quickly. You will need to spray it again after rainfall. Garlic fire spray is a good natural garden way for ants control, grubs, caterpillars and most small insects control.

Fish Fertilizer

For some reason that is not fully understood certain insects do not like fish fertilizer at all. It can effectively get rid of mites, caterpillars and certain nematodes. Unfortunately fish fertilizer does have one major drawback. It leaves an unpleasant fishy smell around your garden for a day or two and some people find this difficult to endure. You should probably avoid using this natural garden pest control if you do not have the most understanding neighbors.

Attract Natural Predators

Attracting the right predators to eliminate unwanted insects is another good natural garden pest control. Insects like spiders, praying mantis, ladybugs and dragonflies can control the number of unwanted pests in your garden. You can attract these creatures with plants such as cilantro, geraniums, yarrow, angelica, cosmos and caraway.

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shawn peter - About the Author:

Shawn Peter is a former realtor turned grant writer who now works with MortgageGrants to help low-income and down payment assistance program get under their very own roof. Follow @mortgagegrants on Twitter to see what he has to say!
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