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Meditation and Fitness
Published in Meditation on Jun 12, 2020
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Meditation is a powerful tool to relax the mind and reduce stress. In this article I offer you written guided meditations that you can use with your students.

These written meditations have been designed by myself and you can use them for whatever you consider for free.

Having a Good Meditation Script is Key to Recording a Successful Guided Meditation

While on the internet we can find endless guided meditations for beginners, the truth is that I have not known how to find guided meditations written in Spanish.

For this reason, thinking that there may be people like you who can benefit from them, I was inspired by the format used in the apps to meditate to write them.

You can use them as it suits you, either to read them out loud or to record them with your own voice and share the audios with your students, friends or family.

You will see that they are simple meditations to follow and of short duration, of about 5 minutes each.

These meditations are designed to induce a state of relaxation, improve attention span, and even reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

To start meditating, all you have to do is listen to the corresponding audio carefully and follow the guidelines.

Of course, from time to time you will notice that your attention is distracted and thoughts come out of context. It is normal, the mind is not an easy faculty to master, as you will see from the first moment.

The practice of meditation is to keep your attention focused on a single object, for example, air going in and out through your nose.

Written Meditation

For this, when a thought comes to you, a good trick is to identify it, and then observe it as if it were a passing cloud and let it go.

Without realizing it, every day thousands of thoughts pass through your mind. They are thoughts of all kinds. Some of them remember some event from the past, some look to solve some problem of the future, others judge - either positively or negatively - some situation or person.

For example, when you sit down to meditate, you can have thoughts of the type: my legs bother me -or- what am I going to have for dinner today? -or- at work I should have done that and that.

These are all thoughts. Since your mission is going to be to focus on the breath, when a thought comes to you, you will see it.

At this time, try to grab him or fight him. Simply, carefully and kindly, let it go and turn your attention back to your breath. So over and over again.

The meditations are divided into daily themes. The meditations are two minutes long, since many people, perhaps also happens to you, carry a very intense rhythm in their day to day. Meditations can be done several times a day.

Whenever possible, take off your shoes to meditate and if possible, wear comfortable and loose clothing. And if it can't be, find a quiet place, sit comfortably and enjoy the meditations.

Guided Written Meditations:


Throughout the next sessions you will learn some very simple techniques to calm and relax your mind.

You just have to follow the instructions that I will give you step by step. You will soon see that meditation is a faculty that we all possess and can train.

To learn to appease the coming and going of thoughts, it is enough to meditate a few minutes each day. Regularity in practice is essential to develop this quality of inner peace.

Okay, let's start now with

Find a quiet place and make sure that you will not be interrupted by the mobile or by people around you.

Sit in a chair or on the floor with your back straight but relaxed. If you sit on the floor, do it on a cushion to be more comfortable.

Now take three deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will help you relax.

And now you can gently close your eyes. Try to let your breath flow in its natural state.

It allows the inhaling and exhaling, little by little, to keep pace with their normal rhythm, without pressure, without blockages, without ties.

Let yourself go. Rest in your breath. And from this state of relaxation, focus your attention on the breath.

Just watch the air go in when you breathe in, and the air goes out when you breathe out. The air enters, the air leaves, enters, leaves ...

Some thought may distract your attention. It is normal. When this happens, without getting angry, kindly and gently, turn your attention back to the breath.

As the air goes in and out, your body expands with each inspiration, your body relaxes with each exhalation ... and if another thought comes, again, rest your attention on the pleasant sensation of breathing ... and so on for a few seconds.

Now you can reconnect with your body, with the sounds around you. And whenever you want, you can open your eyes.

Observe for a moment what state your body and mind have stayed in.

Maybe more relaxed? It does not matter if today you have had many thoughts and have had a hard time calming your mind.

Today was the first day. We will continue to move forward in the next session.

Written Guided Meditations: Day 2

 Welcome to the second session.

Yesterday you practiced your first meditation. Some people find it a little more difficult, while others find it surprisingly easy to get acquainted with resting your attention on your breath.

Keep in mind that you are learning a new technique or skill, which is always a bit difficult at first.

However, you will soon see that, with a daily practice, little by little, it will be easier for you. Attention is like a muscle.

It requires training to be able to exercise a higher level of control and help his focus, to stay still.

With this in mind, sit comfortably with a firm but relaxed back.

Now take a deep breath. Breathe in through your mouth and breathe out through your nose.

As you relax, close your eyes slowly. Your hands rest on your thighs, and you notice the contact of your feet with the ground. The first step to starting your fitness journey starts with good health for help visit: 

Meditation, Buddhism, Monk, Temple, Panorama, Buddhist

Sara Williams - About the Author:

I am a writer currently living in Miami, FL. My interests range from fitness to writing. I am also interested in cooking and running. I have completed my B.B.A in Marketing in 2009 from the University of Miami and have been a Content Marketing Specialist for over 10 years at V Digital Services.
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