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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Pilot Project - A Balance Of Risks And Rewards
Published in Outsourcing on Jun 19, 2020
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Outsourcing a B2B lead generation function requires a test of faith.  This is understandable given the investment of time, money and resources.  So the best way is to start out is a modest B2B lead generation pilot project with your outsourcing provider.

A pilot project offers more than a chance to test a new outsourcing provider.  Rather it can also test new methods, platforms, or even potential markets.

A B2B Lead Generation Pilot Project Starts Your Outsourcing

Your decision to use lead generation outsourcing should be based on clear objectives of your marketing and sales strategy. Consequently your pilot project process and results need to be aligned with these objectives.

Whatever your pilot project objectives, it’s important that the right people in your company understand how outsourcing can achieve them. Because without support from higher-ups, even a successful pilot project may not be approved for future expansion.

A B2B lead generation pilot project is really a balancing act.  Basically it should be small enough to minimize your company’s risks yet large enough to be an accurate test of the outsourcing provider's abilities.  And at the end of the pilot project, the results need to clearly determine whether your company should move forward or reconsider.

Before Taking Off

Clear Goals And Expectations

A pilot project needs to be clear what it is testing for and how it will be evaluated.  Consequently this ensures that both your company and the outsourcing provider understand the desired goals and how to best approach the project.

Clarify Everything

Now ask all the questions and clear up ambiguity with the  outsourcing provider.  Also, based on their experience with other clients, the outsourcing provider will have MANY questions of your company.

The Journey

While your journey has a final destination, to have a successful B2B lead generation pilot project, don't forget how it will be like working with your company. When preparing for your pilot project, make sure that the your flight plan is carefully thought out.

During this journey is where your company gets to build a relationship with your outsourcing provider.  So earning their trust is crucial if you decide to move forward.

When You're Airborne And Cruising

Over Communicate

You and your outsourcing provider may be in the same city or different continents. Notwithstanding the distance and time zones, a B2B lead generation pilot project requires working “in synch” with openness of communication.  You both are responsible for its success.

The technology exists to essentially have immediate, direct access between parties via Internet applications so there is no excuse to not reach out when there is the need to communicate.

Transparency And Honesty

Both you and your outsourcing provider should be aware of its strengths and weaknesses.  So, open discussions about what skills may be available or otherwise lacking offers positive returns in a pilot project.  Basically when both are given the time to learn the technical skills lacking, it pays off long term.

And this means admitting when it turns out that the pilot project is NOT a good fit between the two of you.  When this happens it may not necessarily a sign of weakness, but of awareness of the differences.  Better to part ways now, rather than later when you ramp up production and the risk of failure is higher.

You're Going To Invest More

A pilot project consists of learning and adjusting between your company and the outsourcing provider.  Therefore, a frank discussion is needed when there are changes in the goals of the pilot project.

When the pilot project goals change, the outsourcing provider needs to adjust resources.  Normally the outsourcing provider needs to invest additional staffing and production hours or slip the schedule.   Or the outsourcing provider will need to consider reducing quality or profitability.  The end result is usually losing the outsourcing relationship.

Ramp Production

Your B2B appointment setting pilot project should plan for success, which implies ramping production. A pilot project has a modest scale for risk management but it needs to provide the framework for natural growth. As a result, the pilot process, technology, quality and communications need to reflect a transition to a larger scale.

It is during the pilot project when bottlenecks, inefficiencies and problems need to be identified and resolved to allow scaling up.  Changes for the better are to be expected during the course of the pilot project.

Get Set For Landing

Final Delivery

Final delivery of the pilot project results will be with those who sponsored it and those who will decide whether to expand it.  Get support from your company’s marketing and sales personnel since they will benefit from the results.  And don't forget to get input from your outsourcing provider since the external perspective will be valued by your company’s management.


When the pilot project is over and didn't get the results desired, you should do a post-mortem.  Basically it is the chance to step back from “living the process”  and to learn from the experience.

It is important to learn from the pilot project experience to ensure that your team grows moving forward.

B2B Lead Generation Pilot Project Conclusion

A B2B lead generation pilot project is likely to be successful when clear objectives are aligned with your business strategies.   If properly managed,  a outsourcing pilot project fosters productive, long-term business relationships. Ultimately the pilot project should offer a win-win relationship for both you and the outsourcing provider.


<P>Please  contact <a href="">Nexus Teleservices</a> to discuss how we can help you with your next B2B lead generation outsourcing pilot project.</P>

John Abel - About the Author:

Free Lance Writer. Technology, Social Media, Outsourcing
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