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7 benefits of butter which may change your perspective
Published in Nutrition on Jun 09, 2017
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For years, butter has been blamed for weight gain, but the benefits of butter were underrated by many. It is one of many dairy products which provides the many advantages as the same as milk products.

The dairy product was originated around 10,000 years back. Some of the earliest evidences of it consumption come from Roman and Arabic sources.  Somehow butter produces a bad odour while cooking. This happens because of the milk solids present in the it. These milk solids are separated and they go the bottom of the pan and burn, which produces the odour.

Butter is made by separating butterfat from buttermilk. The dairy product provides many health benefits to the human body. Let’s take a look a look at 7 health benefits of the product which might change your perspective towards it.

Benefits of butter

  • Good for bone health

It contains many beneficial minerals like zinc, selenium, manganese and copper. These minerals are extremely beneficial for maintaining bone health and enhancing bone repair and growth. Without these minerals, human body could face problems like arthritis and osteoporosis.

These minerals also provide different benefits except for bone health. For example, manganese aids in vitamin absorption, zinc keeps you away from cold and infections, etc.

  • Good for eye health

One component found in the dairy product is beta carotene. Beta carotene is known to maintain the eyesight. The component helps in the protection of eyesight and also boosts cellular growth. Because of all these benefits, beta carotene decreases the risk of conditions related to eye problems.

  • Good for joints

Butter contains a component which is very rare. It prevents calcification of bones which prevents bone related conditions. It is only found in animal fats like cream or butter.

  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamin

The dairy product is very rich in fat-soluble like vitamin A, E and K2. Vitamin A and E can be obtained from various sources but vitamin K2 is a rare vitamin. This is one great benefit of the dairy product.
Low intake of this vitamin has been said to cause many diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid(CLA)

The dairy product also contains a fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid. fatty acid has been associated with weight loss and is available in the market as a weight loss supplement. CLA is also known to have anti-cancer properties and also decreases the fats in human body.

  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidant boosts the immune system in human body. This benefit of butter is because of the vitamin A present in it. High levels of this vitamin also defend you against many respiratory diseases.

They are also very beneficial for your skin. Skin, when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light, photo-oxidative damage is induced by the formation of different types of reactive species of oxygen, including singlet oxygen, superoxide radicals, and peroxide radicals. These formation lead to the early ageing sunburns and skin cancers. Antioxidants protect the skin from reactive oxygen.Vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin.

  • Lower the risk of obesity

Many people link dairy products to obesity. Despite of the calorie content, dairy products do not lead to obesity.

Thus, butter is also linked to lower the risk of obesity. Conjugated Linoleic Acid also makes you feel full for a longer time. This keeps you from munching on unhealthy, fried food time and again. So, it can be consumed also to remain healthy.

So, whatever you consume does not make you gain or lose weight. How many calories you consume and how many you lose determine the obesity of a person. Dairy products doesn’t always cause weight gain. Switch to the dairy based product and enjoy the benefit of butter.

Amol Ghodke - About the Author:

Passionate About Digital Marketing and Content Writing. Currently Working as a Digital Marketing Executive at CloudoTech and Proud Part of E-commerce Have 2+ Years of Experience as Content Research Executive at Justdial Mumbai. I have a positive approach towards whatever I do. Always keeping myself busy, and occupied with work or some other interesting activities and keep learning new things. I Find Creative and challenging Task More Interesting and Always keep my self Updating Personally and Professionally.
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