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What are the ways to protect eyes?
Published in Health and Fitness on Jun 22, 2019
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Ways To Protect Your Eyes:

Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ in human body and protecting them religiously is our primary duty. As a general rule, eyes can be protected :

  1. By avoiding any foreign particular to enter into eyes like dust, dirt, chemical, cosmetics, OTC drops, home-remedies etc. In case, anything enters, immediately clean them with running water.

  2. Healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

  3. Sleep for complete 8 hours approx.

  4. Discard expired or old eye drops, contact lens solutions, cosmetics etc.

  5. Protect eyes from extreme weather conditions like harsh sunlight, dry winds, pollution, chilly winters etc.

  6. Protect eyes from gleaming artificial lights and digital devices such as computer, laptop, mobile, etc.

  7. Do not glue your eyes continuously to these digital devices for stretched hours, instead take a break every 20 minutes.

  8. Undergo comprehensive eye examination once in every one or maximum two year, especially when you are already using prescription glasses.

  9. Avoid sharing eyewear and use protection glasses if demanded professionally as in the case of welders, computer users, climbers, swimmers, drivers, outdoor sport persons, etc.

  10. Consult medical practitioner or expert optometrist immediately if any eye related issues such as blur vision, eye strain, pain, redness etc. are experienced

Apart from the above factors, perfect eyewear plays a major role in protecting eyes. If eyes are left without sufficient care, various eye related defects and ailments may occur such as eye-strain, red-eyes, dry-eyes, puffed-eyes, myopia, presbyopia, digital eye strain, diplopia, cataract, macular degeneration and ageing eyes, nystagmus, astigmatism, night blindness to name a few.

Protection by glasses

Depending upon your eye health, surroundings, weather conditions, work requirements and habits, eye glasses can be give maximum protection to your eyes. Eye glasses can be selected based on the following factors :-

Eyeglasses for work :

If you are a professional working on computer / laptop screens for extended hours, then Prescription computer glasses (with or without prescription) and transition glasses having anti-glare and anti-X blue light blocking coating are the best way to protect eyes from glares and digital blue light.  Similarly, if you are passionate sports person, working outdoors or your work demand regular travelling then sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, transition glasses, polarised glasses and prescription polarised glasses with anti-glare and anti-UV protection coating are highly advised. Nowadays, you can also book appointment for eye test at workplace or home through Specscart to analyse the current condition of your eyes and to select appropriate glasses.

Prescription Eyeglasses:

In case you are already experiencing any eye defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, diplopia, presbyopia etc. then prescription glasses as advised by the medical practitioner or expert optometrist to protect eyes from further damage. Generally these eye conditions can be corrected with Prescription glasses consisting of lens having negative or positive powers, prism lens etc. You may choose computer glasses, sunglasses, single vision lens glasses, varifocal glasses and transition glasses with prescription. These prescription glasses are helpful in reading, cooking, doing make up, needle-work, using mobile phone, better distant vision and correct double vision as per the case.

Non prescription eye glasses  :

With the eyewear being a trendiest fashion accessory and talk of the town, people are exceptionally using more of non prescription branded designer glasses in their wardrobe for the purpose of satisfy their thrust for styling up and to protect eyes. Since non prescription glasses like sunglasses, computer glasses, polarised glasses and transition glasses with anti-UV, anti-glare and anti-X blue light blocking coating protects and prevents eyes from any damage of harmful sunlight, blue light, artificial light etc.

Reglaze glasses :

Reglaze glasses is an economic way of giving new life to your old or existing frames while better protection can be provided to eyes by adding protection coating or prescription lens according to your current eye condition. Through Specscart, reglazing your existing glasses has become quite an easy task.


Halina Tseng - About the Author:

I am the co-founder of Specscart glasses online Uk company. My startup journey was inspired by my interdisciplinary experience in both academia and industry. And being prescribed with my first pair of glasses - after bearing up with the blurred vision for 20 years - was the key turning point that motivated the startup. Used to be the eyeglasses hater, I am now spreading the love of eyewear after realising how cool looks the glasses can achieve.
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