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Role and Evaluation of Ads Views in Digital Marketing
Published in Digital Marketing on Jun 26, 2019
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What is the best hack for the commerce world to impress someone with?

Certainly, the impression of an advertisement in its any form is incredible. A mind blowing ad can tickle your heart. Likewise, a satirical one could leave Twitterati fuming. For example- a controversial TVC (Television Commercial) is aired ahead of an ICC world cup ODI match between India and Pakistan. It epitomizes how an ad, wherein the captivity scene of a fighter pilot from India-Abhinandan during a surgical strike against Pakistan is replicated to mock of, could be a matter of trolling.   

In short, the advert could be manipulative. It defines a significant role of advertising in marketing and communication. With the advent of digital marketing, scaling to millions of netizens in the blink of an eye is no big deal. They capitalise on easy tricks to do web research in a jiffy. This is why the digital marketing companies focus on yielding values through ads view ability. The web researchers possibly click on the ads that resonate with their intention. As a result, the advertisers’ effort gets paid off.

What are advertising views in digital marketing?

Just because your ad is visible across the Google or Bing, does not mean that people see it. What I mean is that the view ability lies in the views of active users.

Or, I should ask-“did active viewers actually watch your ad?” to better explain what the ad view ability actually is.

As aforementioned, the view ability of an online ad is as important as gauging its value. This is why online marketers stick around the number of times an ad was actually seen by the active users. As far as its value is concerned, the expert marketing data analysts measure it through the least wastage of dollars spent on the advert. Simply say, the more an ad generates a better return on investment against your marketing dollars, the more value it concentrates.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in association with Media Rating Council (MRC) defines this ability as a minimum of 50% of an ad is seen by active users for at least 2 continuous seconds.

View Ability is Not Any of These:

Sometimes, people confuse “reach” and “impressions” with the ad view ability. Indeed, all these are unique terms carrying their individual values.

  • Reach:

The “Reach” is what the online advertiser sets with serving ad to users. Simply say, the count of people who the ad is served to identify the reach of the advert.

  • Impression

On the other hand, the impression is the number of times your ad is displayed online. Let’s say, your ad is airing on a YouTube video. But, the user is busy with browsing on other videos. In this case, the impression on the playing ad would be zero. 

How can you evaluate ads view ability?

1By ensuring it visibility: If you consider the social media apps, such as Whatsapp with 1.5 billion active users or Instagram with 111 million users in 2019-let’s say, the visibility is unimaginably higher. Their users instinctively tap to actively engage with. Thereby, the views of an ad will be more than Google or Bing.

On the contrary, the organic views on search engines require marketing efforts. It is because users intend to search for some specific information there, unlike social media where chatting, sharing information and friends’ search remain at the back of their mind.    

If you want more views of active users, emphasize on how it could be multiplied. According to Google research on Discovery ads, the view ability maximizes when the ad is displayed near the end of streaming ads.  So, it’s the best time to capitalise on its exaggerated views.  

2. By achieving engagement: Engagement is a key to unlock a maximum number of leads and conversions. Therefore, you should drill into your head that your ad should resonate with users from start to finish.

A study from August 2015 stated that the brand awareness and consideration are directly proportional to the user’s time being spent on watching a video. Another study conducted between August and September 2016 reveals that a viewable impression is 2 times more effective than that of a non-viewable impression.

In the nutshell, you can maximize an ad value through inserting engagement in your ad.

3. By analyzing regularly: Investing time and efforts on promotional campaigns is a good idea to create a compelling experience. But, underestimating the trailing analysis is a blunder. You should put as much thought into tracking, mapping and analyzing the performance of your ads, scaling from view ability to engagement. It is worth a million dollar idea to come closer to understanding the pan impact of your ad campaigns.

James Church - About the Author:

I earned inspiration from the famed data scientists, such as Hilary Mason and John Myles White. Their distinctive approach and outstanding data research sparked passion in me to achieve the height of data researcher. I submerged in market and business researches respectively for getting adept of these. My learning to new research methods, data fetching and data mining have proven productive now. Assessing the business entity helps me to judge where the company’s growth stands. Thereby, I collect my views with the client’s to fetch the valuable and relevant information in respect to their identity. Being a researcher of data, my job is to do makeover of business. So, I bank on my knowledge consulting ability to analyse and recommend the business transformation strategies at the end.
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