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How to design your wedding invitation card ?
Published in Business on Jan 11, 2017
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The wedding invitation is a way of inviting the guests to seek their blessing and invite them to be a part of the solemn oath-taking ceremony. The celebration is one of the main reasons but seeking the blessing and good will of the near and dear ones is also important. There is a variety of wedding invitation shapes available which could be striking.

The wedding is an eventful day in every individual’s life. It includes special moments which become cherishing aspects of an individual’s life. The wedding invitation is an integral aspect of all the arrangements made for a wedding. As it celebrates the bringing together of families, it is very significant that the invitation cards are properly designed and includes warmth and information.

Factors to be considered while choosing the wedding invitation shapes

With the technological advancement and new designers coming into the market, there is a plethora of option available regarding designs and patterns, colors, and wedding card shapes when it comes to wedding invitation cards. The range of cards depends on the budget and the choice of the customers. There are specially designed delicate and intricate works on the royal wedding card designs. The embellishments are shiny and beautiful and very attractive that shall reflect the splendor and prosperity of the occasion.

The shaadi cards depending on the need of the customer can undergo a variety of changes in designs and sizes. In systems of shapes, there are innumerable options in marriage card design like the heart shaped wedding invitations, round shaped wedding cards. For the ones who are arranging for a close get together and are not making it too lavish can opt for personal wedding cards design. The personal attachment is one of the criteria’s that can make one select these personal wedding card designs.

The plethora of option in wedding invitation shapes

  • Royal wedding card designs: The first idea that an individual has about royal shaadi cards is that they are gorgeous and embellished, but it is not always so. The royal cards design as marriage card design is expensive regarding the materials used and the techniques applied for decorating and preparing the cards. They do bring the perfect sync of sophistication and creativity.

Many opt for the handmade paper and designs by cottage industry which is very costly. The paper quality and the organic and eco-friendly colors are other major factors that make these cards stands out.

  • Heart shaped wedding invitations: The heart shape is one of the wedding invitation shapes that decipher the love and warmth that the couples share. These are stunning and beautiful in design and color patterns. These personal wedding cards design reflect the personality of the individuals who are getting married. The devotion and affection are the basic themes of these invitation cards. Many of them include the photographs of the couples on them.

  • Round wedding cards: When it comes to celebrating love everybody desires to be unique. One of the best ways to be distinctive in selecting the perfect design and pattern in wedding invitation cards is to choose the round wedding cards. These have bold designs and are very creative. These form the finest mode of making the great invite. The floral designs and other embellishments add on to the beauty of it. One needs to personalize these cards with the desired information.

Daniel Joseph - About the Author:

The supplier of creative and innovative wedding cards majorly based for all marriage diversity – Hindu , Muslims, Christian etc. Myshadicards provides you best service all over India with timely delivery and amemndments if required.
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