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How do we choose best play school for my kids?
Published in Reference and Education on Jan 08, 2017
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Children are the one who observes the environment around them from a small box to sky and learn from the happenings. Often we have seen children try to make stories out of the edifice of the clouds. Hence the need for play school grew. Today some preschools and playgroups advocate different methodologies to teach pre-schoolers.


Kidzee, one of the best play school in India that offers child care in infancy and the space that is carefully designed to create the "best" place possible for young children.

1. Choosing a school within your vicinity is top most

The research starts with choosing the school that is closer to your vicinity so that there is no any travelling issue. Often kids get perturbed while travelling for long hours. Also, your child would require some time for learning at home. If the school is far away, then most hours gets wasted while in travel.


2. Schools with a good reputation:

Talk to parents of other children studying in the school you shortlisted. Keep in mind wherever you go to explore schools with a good reputation. Also, take feedback about how their child is getting treated and how the school looks after their children. One more thing that plays a role here is word of mouth of parents and you may want to go to a school about which you hear a lot of good things.


 3. Cleanliness and Hygiene:

 Your child is dependent on the school staff to be looked after. He or she will need help in everything. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene should be kept in mind.


 4. Facilities:

Yes, this is something that one needs to look upon while choosing the right playschool for their child. Enough toilets, wash basins (at the height of tiny tots), and water supply to keep children infection-free from unhygienic conditions.


5. Outdoor Play:

Does the play school have enough play equipment and sufficient space for at least 30 children to play freely?


6. Friendly and approachable:


You should look for schools with a friendly environment. The staff and teachers should be welcoming and comfortable to approach any child. Avoid sending your kid to schools that have strict staffs or the one where teachers say tough words to kids to discipline him or her.


Let your kids be free and learn things by making mistakes as this is the only way they can learn effectively.

Rajesh Jhamb - About the Author:

I am an Internet Entrepreneur, Day Dreamer and a Visionary. Formally educated as an engineer, I now pursue Digital Marketing as a profession. The one thing that really motivates me is success. In my free time, I love to read and explore about SEO, Internet Marketing Tools, Hacks and Tricks, Internet Marketing.
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