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Hair Transplants Now Performed With Latest Techniques
Published in Hair Loss on Oct 07, 2016
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Hair loss is no more problem these days due to availability of the revolutionary treatment options for treating hair loss.  Both men and women remain desperate to restore their hair after significant baldness.

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure that facilitate the patient to get fuller head of hair with the shifting of hair follicles form the one part of the head to the other part with no or less hair. After the introduction of this surgical methods various reforms has been come in this method which give the refined results to patients

In earlier day’s Micrografts and Minigrafts methods were there in which strip of hair bearing skin has been removed and the grafts of grouping 6-7 follicular units are transplanted in the bald parts. These methods use to give the larger linear scars and even have longer recovery period.

After that FUT method came in front in which the strip of hair bearing skin s removed and dissected in the natural grouping of hair follicles of 1-4 and cultivated in the recipient areas.  This method minimized the scar but still the visible linear scar left after surgery.

With the advancements FUE surgery has been introduced in which instead of strip of hair follicles individual follicular units are extracted and then directly transplanted in the bald portions to cover it with natural appearance.

FUE method is the advanced method that enables the patients to have the minimum scars and without stitches surgery but as there is extraction of hair follicles individually so it was time consuming method.

To overcome the time constraint instead of manual extraction of hair follicles mechanical way has been introduced so in the 2nd generation technologies like Neograft and the Robotic system come in front for hair transplant in India.

In the neo graft FUE surgery Neograft technology is used to extract the follicles that facilitate the surgeons to perform the extraction faster with the reduced pain and visible scars. In the Neograft technology extraction of follicles can be done with the removal of follicles up to 90-98% without any damage to the tissue so that patients can have transplanted hair follicles with retained properties of loss resistant.

With this advanced technique patient can have hair for lifetime with natural appearance and without scars.

After that robotic system Artas has been introduced in the 21st century in which the robotic system is used to select the best quality hair follicles and then extract with the faster speed. This system facilitates the surgeons to give remarkable results in less time.

 All in all, mechanical hair transplants not have only help the surgeon to perform surgeries in less time but also to patients to have denser, fuller and natural hair growing for rest of life. - About the Author:

I'm Vikas Gupta one of the most popular hair transplant surgeon in India. I have over 20 years of the experience.
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