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Gearing up for winter camping in comfort
Published in Adventure Travel on Jun 21, 2017
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Last year we enjoyed a series of exciting camping trips that saw us Winter Camping Australia.


Here are some simple tips that keep us warm and ready to camp in any season:


It helps to stay active with walks, drives or bike rides during the day

Plus it's also a good idea to remove yourself from the cold when you have the opportunity in the evenings. If there’s no chance for a campfire and you’re close to town, simply leave the campground behind and head in to town for a heated restaurant or bar. 


Never sleep directly on the ground

You need to insulate yourself from the ground as much or even more than from the cold above. A blow up air mattress won't help as there’s nothing between you and the ground but cold air. The cold will pass straight through it and into you. The best option is a self-inflating mattress or a foam mattress like the ones you find in a swag that will insulate and help you to retain heat.



Have plentiful bedding layers for when temperatures drop throughout the night.

Bring more layers than you think you’ll actually need. A down-filled doona can be the start of your layering, or a fully hooded mummy sleeping bag, followed by blankets or other down-filled layers to flick on and off in the night Campfire Cooking Australia. This type of bedding always keeps us warm, even on occasions when our water bottles turn to ice slushies beside us.


Layer your clothing

Come prepared with plenty of clothing layers as well, and select fabrics that block the wind, as wind chill drops ambient temperatures more than you might expect. A waterproof jacket and pants are essential in rainy conditions to prevent sideways rain and dampness from penetrating clothing and making you colder.


When you’ve spent evenings in the cold, with no chance for warmth from a fire, you’ll realise the benefits of many windproof waterproof layers to maintain comfort. In the evenings it’s not unusual to need up to three layers on the legs and five to six layers on the upper body, plus beanie, scarf, gloves and always thick warm socks and waterproof boots.

Micks Gonebush - About the Author:

From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to deserts, Bush Cooking Ideas will help bring a tempting new twist to your camp cooking whether its on an open fire, on a gas cooker or in your caravan or camper’s kitchen. The Australian Bush Cooking Recipes have all been planned for simplicity as well as good eating, using basic ingredients that are readily available Australia- wide – and all road tested by the authors in the great outdoors.
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