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Decorating a Living Room that is Too Big - Yes, a Large Living Room Can Look Cavernous!
Published in Home Owners Renters on Jul 02, 2019
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Most people so want to possess a family room that's large and spacious, though the fact is you could have an excessive amount of space. If your family room looks stark, empty and merely plain cavernous, there are several ways you can carry it down to size and transform it with a room that is comfortable, cozy and welcoming. This article offers many tips and ideas for decorating a location which is a bit too spacious.

Choose the proper colors

Nearly everyone understands that bright colors like white and yellow create a room look bigger. In decorating your family room, you want to avoid bright colors and select tones that are deep and warm. Colors such as burnt orange, taupe, gold, deep red and brown shades brings a major room right down to size, and make an environment which is warm and welcoming.

Blue and green shades also work so long as you avoid bright tones. Think forest green and deep blue when decorating a family area that's too large.

Walls doesn't have to be white!

For decades, homeowners also have the misconception that walls has to be white, off-white or cream. This is absolutely wrong! You can add an enormous amount of interest and personality to some room by choosing darker shades like country blue, sea foam green and rusty orange. Paint baseboards and also other trim a complementary or contrasting color for walls that are appealing and beautiful.

Choosing furniture for big rooms

For a family area which has an excessive amount of empty space, you need to choose furniture that is certainly bulky and over-sized. Furniture which is too sleek or streamlined and built with a smaller scale will only increase the cavernous look of the room.

Think large leather furniture with plenty bulk as well as fabrics that are deeply textured. Plaids and stripes in darker shades also help add a rustic turn to the bedroom.

How to set up furniture so that a space looks cozy

Many people increase the risk for mistake of placing their furnishings against the walls, that's exactly what you would like to avoid if the room is just too spacious. Pull sofas, chairs and tables outside the walls, creating intimate spaces which will split up the space.

Area rugs are ideal for not simply creating intimate, cozy spaces but also for splitting up floor area. Consider a richly textured carpet since the center of the grouping of furnishings for entertaining. If folks your household enjoy reading, watching movies or doing offers, create separate spaces of those activities. Creating an area over a diagonal that isn't square with the area also adds a unique and appealing dimension.

Large accents pull the appearance together

Small accents will do nothing for the large lounge but allow it to be look messy and cluttered. Choose over-sized prints and art for that walls; consider large ceramic vases for plants. Find tapestries which can be large and full of texture. Even a quilted blanket looks gorgeous when hung on the large wall!

The lighting in the space produces a huge difference at the same time. Instead of lighting the complete lounge with bright lights, consider accent lighting in specific areas. Place the brightest lighting using one specific area with the room, to ensure that attention is fascinated by that area as well as the rest with the space isn't as noticeable.

If your lounge usually swallow everything with its huge expanse,  new look put some of these ideas to meet your needs. You will see you could create a family area which is cozy, comfortable and welcoming!

Carmina Ahmed - About the Author:

Hi! I’m Carmina, also known as Nana. I love DIY projects, parties, crocheting, and traveling. In this blog I share patterns, recipes, DIY projects, pet tips, party ideas,craft and travel tips. In short pretty much all the things I love and everything that catches my attention.
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