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Choosing the Right Paint Finish for a Durable Bathroom Makeover
Published in Bath and Shower on May 31, 2017
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Every choice you make has an end result!

It is an important thought that you should never forget when painting your bathroom. Painting a bathroom is a tricky task. It is because you have to consider the level of moisture and humidity before making every decision. If you are interested in a durable bathroom makeover, do adequate research. Remember that bathroom design trends may come and go but the fundamental rule of picking a water-resistant and easy-to-clean paint remains the same.

The Right Paint Finish makes your Bathroom Shine Forever

Once you have made a decision about the color scheme, you need to think about the paint. There are various types of paint finishes that you need to consider. Remember that making an informed and practical decision will make your bathroom shine forever.

• High-Gloss

The glossy sheen of the paint finish is a perfect choice for bathroom areas because it repels moisture. But, the problem with high-gloss finish is that it looks like the walls are laminated with a plastic sheet. It doesn’t manifest a classy sophisticated bathroom area. If you want to use high-gloss paint finish, choose smaller areas such as trim and molding.

• Semi-Gloss

The most popular choice among painters, semi-gloss is ideal for living spaces that have to deal with high moisture. It addresses the moisture issue as well as ensures quick cleaning. It is a low-maintenance option with a long life. When you choose semi-gloss finish, do not forget totake care of cracks in the drywall. The finish is of unforgiving nature and it will make dents, cracks and bumps more visible than before.

• Satin

The less glossy effect is a favorite for homeowners. You can clean it easily and it is more durable than eggshell. Remember that satin paint finish is a good choice but it is not as moisture-resistant as semi-gloss and high-gloss options. But, if you are looking for less sheen, go for it.

• Eggshell

The lower the sheen, the better it is forhiding the imperfections in the walls. Eggshell has low sheen but it is ideal for places without moisture. So, it is not a wise option for high-traffic bathroom. If you want to add a dimension to the bathroom, you can use it judiciously. Also, do not forget to choose a brand that offers eggshell paint for the bathroom because if you choose the regular eggshell paint, it won’t repel moisture and restrict the growth of mildew.

• Flat

Matte is in! From makeup to paint, matte finish is a big trend for everything. But, a nice matte finish won’t be adequate for the bathroom area. It absorbs moisture and if you use it for a moisture-prone area, you will not get a long-lasting paint makeover. It is advisable to use flat finish for living rooms and dining halls.

When you are painting the bathroom, to buy paint samples and use them in the bathroom area. It will help you to ensure a durable and beautiful bathroom makeover. If you have any doubt regarding choosing a paint finish, consult an experienced painter. He will be able to guide you in making a decision. So, spend time in researching for the right colors and paint finishes because it will keep the bathroom beautiful for years to come.

Perfect Painters will help you to choose the ideal color combination and the right paint finish for the bathroom. Hire reliable home painters of Toronto for durable and beautiful bathroom painting results.

Chris Dgate - About the Author:

When you love your work, you don't consider it work. I started The Home Improvement Group because renovating home has always been a fascination for me. I help home owners and businessmen by taking immediate care of home or office renovation needs. There’s always room for improvement and if you feel that a part of your house requires special attention and care, choose The Home Improvement Group. We are Toronto’s favorite home renovation contractor for providing exhaustive make-over to your residential property. A hard-working, energetic and passionate leader with the happiness of customers always in mind. Successfully manages a large team of professional engineers and highly experienced crew. Efficiently handles several home and commercial projects in GTA. Believer of strong work ethics and exceptional workmanship.
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