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Best Internet Service Provider In Canada- CanNet Telecom Inc
Published in Communications on Nov 30, 2016
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CanNet was founded in 2009, and was registered in Canadian Telecommunication Regulatory Commission the same year. CanNet can provide Cable internet, as well as DSL Internet services. However, our focus is primarily cable unless, unless there are extreme circumstances.

CanNet is major reseller of CIK; the largest independent telecommunications operator in Canada following Bell and Rogers, which allows us to provide premium service at a low cost. All of our plans are truly unlimited, extremely stable and reasonably priced, with speeds up to 250MB.

Why Should I Select CanNet Services?

  • Unlimited download and upload usage – CanNet is providing truly unlimited download and upload usage under our residential fair usage policy.
  • Fastest speed v/s lowest price – We are providing higher speed at the lowest price on the market. Our most popular speeds are 100M/10M and 60M/10M.
  • High availability – CanNet Internet services are very stable and simple, as our network is based on Cable and fiber technology.
  • 10 days Full refund warranty – CanNet is the only Internet Service Provider who provides 10 days full refund warranty for our internet services.
  • Hardware life time warranty – All of hardware CanNet sold has life time warranty, i.e. as long as you are still CanNet customer, if your hardware is broken from normal usage we will fix it free of charge.
  • CanNet has great support –Our customer support agents are very knowledgeable on a variety of issues. Questions are solved or answered by our online live support team. All of other requests via online ticket systems which are processed within 24 hours.


CanNet is also completely non-contractual, which means there are no obligations to stay with our services. Yet, we still have a high retention rate and customer loyalty because our services are extremely reliable and our support staffs have great expertise in all areas.

If for whatever reason a new customer is not satisfied with the services we offer a standard 10 day warranty, where you will be provided with a full refund.


What is CanNet’s 10 Day’s Standard Warranty?

  • CanNet provides a standard 10 days warranty policy for all monthly subscription customers.
  • For whatever reason, service can cancelled within 10 days from the service activation date, we will do a full refund after the equipment is returned with original package in 7 days. The purchased hardware will be fully refunded (If returned within 10 days from the cancellation request in the original package). Any one-time charge such as a processing fee, activation fee, installation fee, upgrading fee, shipping fee will also refunded. Fixed monthly service fee will be waived.
  • This policy only applies to new customers only who install CanNet service for the first time. It doesn't apply to a service reactivation in the same address or a DSL/Cable Conversion or customer moving to a new address.

At CanNet it is policy that customers strictly use CanNet hardware, as it allows us to guarantee a consistent and reliable service, as well as assists our technical support engineers in supporting and diagnosing systematic errors.

What is CanNets Standard Hardware Warranty?

For all of the CPE devices which we require for using a CanNet services, whether it is purchased, leased or rented, CanNet provide a life time warranty, i.e. as long as customer keeps using CanNet services. Any defective equipment will be replaced free of charge (Broken hardware due to physical damage are not included in this warranty).

What Are My Hardware Options?

CanNet provides three options for you to get your hardware:

  • Purchase- Buy the equipment at the selling price and there is no need to pay the monthly rental fee.
  • Rent – Device will be used on a rental basis for the duration you are with CanNet.
  • Lease to own- Customer is required to enter in a 2 years term; during the term a monthly charge will be applied and after 2 years; if the customer cancels the service after the term has expired, the lease equipment does not have to be returned.

Do CanNet Cable modems come with Wireless?

No. All CanNet Cable modems come without Wi-Fi. This is for two reasons:

  • CanNet has committed of providing a high quality internet service to our customers, so we used the most stable wired modems to deliver the most consistent high speed.
  • Wi-Fi technology is evolving quickly from 802.11b/n/g to today 802.11AC to future AD. The Wireless router has become one of the key components in customer home networking. So every customer has different needs in terms of wireless functionality and prefers picking their router personally to best cater to their lifestyle. 


What Plans Are Available?

  • CanNet offers a variety of completely unlimited plans at different speeds ranging from 15M to 250M. All of the plans are completely non contractual, include free shipping of equipment and have an extremely low installation fee of $29.95 using the promotional code CAN100.
  • We also provide unlimited High speed cable internet in 6 provinces – Ontario, Quebec, BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

What Kind of Support Does CanNet Offer?

  • We also have dedicated technical support and customer service team who are available 24/7 for assistance.
  • Our support staff can assist you by phone, online chat, email and text message to best assist you in a timely fashion.
  • If the problem cannot be diagnosed instantaneously, a ticket will be opened through our online system to have to problem solved ASAP.


All CanNet services are completely unlimited; at the moment we are offering a special promotion for our 100M unlimited cable internet plan for $49.98/ month using the promotional code CAN100! We also offer a similar 60M unlimited cable internet plan in areas where 100M cannot be provided. To check availability in your area contacts a local CanNet representative for further information; all area contact numbers are listed on the CanNet website.

CanNet - About the Author:

CanNet Telecom Inc is the Leading ISP in Canada, which provides cable Internet plans since 2009 to Canadian Population at lowest price.CANNET delivers the fastest and high performance internet connectivity you need during the peak hours. We provide various kind of high speed cable internet plan which will keep your crucial applications running and your network will never bound your operations.
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