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All You Need to Know: Hair Removal with Eyebrow & Face Threading
Published in Business on Jul 03, 2019
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All You Need to Know: Hair Removal with Eyebrow & Face Threading

Have you ever heard of the concept of eyebrow and face threading before? Perhaps it may sound like a new trend to you, but it’s actually one that’s been around since ancient times! This practice of removing hair, facial hair in particular, by using thread originated in the Middle East and Asia, a long, long time ago. In other words, it’s been around for a while now.

If you’ve yet to give threading a go, hopefully this article will give you all the insight you need to decide whether eyebrow threading and face threading is something that you need to add to your bucket list (because goals don’t have to be limited to just travel, they could just be about trying something new).

What is Eyebrow and Face Threading? 

Eyebrow threading is an eyebrow hair removing and shaping technique in which a cotton thread is used to pull and twist along and around the areas with unwanted eyebrow hair. It lifts the hair follicles by their root, but in a manner that doesn’t involve any unnecessary tugging, making it a far less uncomfortable of an experience than eyebrow plucking is.

Meanwhile, face threading is the same technique, however it also covers areas such as chin and upper lip, as well as areas like sideburns. In other words, it is possible to use threading for any part of your face where you have unwanted hair that you wish to get rid of.

Threading is considered a natural alternative to waxing. So, if you are searching for a natural method, but you aren’t that into tweezing, then threading may be the correct route for you to follow!

Face Threading vs. Waxing

So, how does face threading compare to waxing? They’re identical for what they want to accomplish: removing unwanted hair from one’s face. However, in technique they are wildly different, with threading often considered the gentler (but totally just as effective!) option. Due to that, threading is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin, over waxing or even tweezing. As a long time sufferer of melasma (brown spots on my face), I switched to threading because the melasma medication was thinning my skin, causing the wax to pull a thin layer of skin off with the hair. And I’ll never go back!

How is Face Threading Done?

Before you get to the actual threading, the area will typically be cleaned thoroughly with a swab of alcohol. Then the technician will twist a piece of cotton thread, holding it with their fingers and with one section in their mouth for more control.

For the eyebrows, the threader will have you pull the skin tight with your fingers so that they can easily access every tiny hair (shown in video below).  For the lip area, you will typically be asked to stick your tongue against the inside of your upper lip in order to stretch it.

When the eyebrows are done being threaded, the threader will then follow up with trimming the length of the hair that remains, to make sure they are even. Then any area that was treated will be rubbed with sunscreen and/or lotion.

Note that while threading can be largely less uncomfortable than waxing or plucking, it may leave the threaded area shining red for a couple of hours after. So, you may not want to make important plans right after it is completed! Also, remember that it is best to keep the area clean and make up free for at least a day!

What Does it Feel Like? Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Perhaps it cannot be said that it’s entirely painless–or at least it’s not the type of a process you feel completely nothing during. It’s often compared to how tweezing feels like, although many find threading to hurt less than tweezing does because they are pulling multiple hairs in one swoop.

Personally, I have found threading to feel very similar to waxing, and less invasive on my eyebrows than the experiences I have with tweezing. Of course, how the threading will feel varies not only based on the person, but based on the area of your face that you are getting threaded (my upper lip is always more sensitive than my brows!).

Unfortunately, you won’t actually know if threading is the right option for you or if it will hurt, unless you’ve tried it!

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All You Need to Know: Hair Removal with Eyebrow & Face Threading
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