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10 Abbreviations Every Web Designer Must Know
Published in Technical Writing on Jun 02, 2017
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When people who are pro in designing talk about web design, it can mostly sound like an extraneous language due to several abbreviations, words that you believed you knew, now have a diverse meaning, and its enormous complication- it is fair to say web design descriptions are very intense.

You may have listened several of these words before, but weren’t every time sure what they meant. In the meantime, the web design world is one that is continually mounting and varying, to keep up with its continuing development it is significant that you must be acquainted with the basic jargon. Whether you are scheduling to re-design your website, occupied together with the marketing team, or anybody that interrelates with the website, we recommend you take a second to acquaint yourself with some web design descriptions. You’d be astonished how supportive they can be!


Backlink are associations from other sites back to your private. They’re from time to time also mentioned to as “trackbacks” (particularly on blogs). Backlink have an enormous influence on your sites search rankings. Loads of backlink from high-ranking sites can significantly advance your search engine results, particularly if those links usage keywords in their anchor text.


Bandwidth can mention to two dissimilar things: the rate at which data can be moved or the entire amount of data allowable to be relocated from a web host throughout a given month (or extra hosting service period) before excess charges are useful. It is usually mentioned to in time of bits-per-second (bps), kilobits per second (kbs), or other metric extents. Lesser bandwidth internet connections (such as dial-up) mean data loads slower than with extreme bandwidth connections (for example cable or fibre).


The placing of the essentials in your design (e.g. text, pictures, etc.). These essentials can be associated to both the page and to each other. The coating up of elements to attain balance, direction, and an additional logical layout. There are correspondingly four common types of typographical arrangement – centre, justified, left and right each with their own time and location for application.


A font mentions to the style of the text exclusive to its related typeface family. For instance, Helvetica Bold is single font in the Helvetica typeface family. When choosing a suitable font, the designer makes certain it fits the business brand styles and the tenor of the copy and guarantees it’s readable by shifting the size, layout and line heights.


A gradient is a design procedure in which one or added colours diminish into each other. It can also be applicable to images, generating a fade effect with a colour or additional image. Gradients are frequently used to add visual attention to web pages and can permit more space for significant copy.


Basically, the sitemap is the proposal of the website. It displays the complete architecture of the website’s navigation, laterally with any sub-pages. Each B2B web design project should have a vibrant sitemap that displays where all the pages will be in the website building and the content on each form.

Home Page

The home page of your website is the primary thing your audiences see. It is the preliminary point of one’s website. Your site usually comprises a search tab, menu/links to change toot her pages on your site, data about you, news/apprises, etc. There is not at all one layout cast-off for every home page, which is why it is up to you to number out what the whole thing best for your business/group.


Keywords (or phrases) are a vital section of your website. They are what styles it probable for individuals to discovery you by means of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The chief impartial is to number out what your public is probing for and emphasis on those keywords to make it simplify for them to find you.


The pictorial preparation of design elements in a way that indicates importance. For instance, you might make a name big and bold to ensure it attracts more attention than a small, lightly coloured image caption.


Tracking apprehensions the space between letters. When we path figures of text, we are regulating space amid every letter in a word in order to change the thickness or presence of a great block of type (i.e. body copy). Following shouldn’t be disordered with kerning, which concerns the alteration of space between separate pairs of letters.

Author Bio:
Mark Steve is a professional and expert content writer. He writes professional blogs and a variety of quality articles. If you are looking for custom web designing company in san francisco, your search ends here. Get custom, eCommerce, dynamic, responsive web design services in Orlando  and many more at Janbask Digital Design.

Mark Steve - About the Author:

Virginia based digital marketing Company
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